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  1. I am using Home Designer Architectural 2017 and am a beginner at this type of program. I am attempting to recreate our house in the program and have done pretty well on getting the basic floor plan and 3D interiors done. However, I cannot get the roof to look anything like our actual house! We have an L shape 2 story with a bonus room above the garage. Actual phot Meanwhile, the exterior of my computer designed home looks like this: For reference, the first floor interior floor plan looks like this: I called the Chief Architect help desk and have spoken to several experts but haven't really gotten anywhere. I suspect that one or more walls in my plan are not properly drawn and as you can see, I am having HUGE problems getting the roof to work above the garage. It seems that I cannot upload a zip file of the full plan because it exceeds the 25MB limit. Thanks to anyone who might be able to look this over and give me some much needed advice! Saul