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  1. j0nncp1

    Glass Windows

    Thank you Jo_Ann for your advice. After reviewing the link and making a copy, its still did not work for the windows, but i tried tinting a door and noticed that it worked the door, so i figured out that since i removed ALL the sashes to 0" on the windows to make them look more industrial, they were not responding when i tried to tint/color them, so now i went back and added a 1" sash to them, and they now are able to be colored as i desire, much appreciated, and glad i can now go forward with my renderings
  2. j0nncp1

    Glass Windows

    I am using Home Designer Architectural 2017 version on Mac I would like to figure out how to make all windows more opaque and tinting to show a more realistic 3D view of my project. I've tried many ways to do this, but it always keep showing the glass as see-thru/clear. I tried making a new material, as well as using this "Adjust Material" selector, but can not get any texture/material or transparency to work. See image linked thanks for any advice