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  1. KathyW

    "Straight Retaining Wall" not creating Break

    Finally got terrace walls to work by creating elevation regions. I am adding elevation lines to smooth elevation lines but sides of terrace walls still spiky looking on 3D. Is there a way to have it fall away smoothly from the back of the terrace wall? I would also like to step my terrace walls but instructions do not match - I do not have "3D> Create Orthographic View> Cross Section/Elevation" as an option as described in "creating a retaining wall" as I do not have Pro. Is there a way to step walls in "Suite"? Build Thanks!
  2. KathyW

    "Straight Retaining Wall" not creating Break

    Making progress on creating terrain that behaves by starting from top (steepest) and adding elevation lines but still not getting the "break" when I add a wall like the instructions say it will. Will work on it again tomorrow. Thanks for your help.
  3. On Mac: Build Adding straight retaining walls creates break on Wrong side or not at all. Break needs to be on right. (See attached). Edit only shows thickness, wall length, angle - no break detail. Multiple retaining walls create house pad 12 feet below top left corner of walls.(See attached photo). Please advise.retainingWall.tiffterrace.tiff