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  1. cwrm74

    Creating Custom 3D Objects in HD Pro?

    Thanks for confirming that the functionality is not available in HD. Getting closer and closer to purchasing Chief...
  2. I need to create custom porch railings and balusters. I know this can be done in CA via the Build->Primitive tools ( Is there equivalent functionality in HD Pro? I haven't determined a way to create custom 3D objects (without importing from another tool, like Sketchup).
  3. cwrm74

    Splitting roof plane into pitched and flat sections?

    Thank you. On the attached image, the area above the red line must become a flat roof. Typically I've been able to comb through old posts and HD help to solve every challenge, but I cannot find a solution to this issue. The back half of the house attic, including the area under the red line, will become a single room (dormers will be added). Some context...this is an existing historic home that will have an addition on back right corner (as viewed in the image). The historic commission will not allow any part a new roof structure to be higher than the existing historic roof, but they will allow flat roofs in order to meet that regulation.
  4. How can I "flatten" the top of a pitched roof? That is, I need to create a flat roof 4' wide that transitions to a 12:12 pitched roof on each side. Underneath the roof (flat and pitched sections) will be a single built-out attic room. The design originally had a proper pitched roof with a ridge, but in order to comply with a height restriction we have to effectively "lop off" the top 2 feet of the original roof design.