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  1. Hi All I am very much a newbie, having purchased Home Designer pro a week a go. Still very much in the learning phase of the program. This is my first post, so apologies in advance if it is not clear what I am asking. As a starting point I am trying to replicate a holiday home that we are intending to make some changes to. The intent is to "build' the current building in Home Designer (exactly how it is today), and then play around with some ideas. The home is 35 years years old and is actually built on timber stumps/posts as its foundation (very common in Australia in the past). Essentially, the timber posts are concreted into the ground and protrude approx. a metre above the ground. They are placed at 2 metre by 2 metre intervals (think lots of 2 metre squares with posts at each corner) and the walls and floors are built on top of them. I have been struggling to find anything in home designer pro to replicate this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Paul