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    Family room ceiling and wall material issue

    Thank you for the replies. Are there any training videos that show how to use shapes to fill in spaces? DJP: Also, the Youtube link opens, plays for a few seconds with voice then nothing. I'd like to see what you were trying to show me.
  2. I am almost finished recreating my current home using HDA 2017. There are a couple of issues that I haven't been able to resolve. I built this using a single level room with no ceiling. I have included some images and my plan. I'll post my other issues in another chat. The biggest issues I have with my current plan is the family room issues posted below, my upstairs railing not meeting up and building a wall under the stairs. 1. When I created a vaulted ceiling in the family room, the wall that meets the house keeps the exterior siding. 2. There are 2 "bump outs" in the family room, one on each end. I am able to create the spaces using an invisible wall with a ceiling above. However, you can see in the picture that instead of being flush with the vaulted ceiling, it angles into the vaulted ceiling. Not sure what to do to resolve these issues. Should I add a second floor and lower the wall heights? Thanks for your help. Home.plan
  3. lepettit

    Family room issues