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    The upper pony wall will not display

    Thanks Eric, That solved one thing but opened up a can of worms for another thing. I need to read the help file and understand elevations better. Specifically which initial elevation is "fixed" and would be considered the base elevation. Thanks again. Tom
  2. Nervous

    The upper pony wall will not display

    I created a floor plan with 3 exterior pony walls where the lower pony will be brick and the upper will be siding and then added my windows, etc... Everything was displaying as it should. Then I added a new floor (existing structure) which is offset but attached to the first room by a common wall which is 26" above the first room. Have I lost you yet? When viewing in 3D the second floor/existing structure elevation was say 10 ft higher. So I went in to default options and lowered that floor to 26" above the first floor. Now when I view with 3D the upper part of the pony wall disappeared. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get this to display again? I have attached my plan. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit: So my problem lies with the floor elevations. When I go into Defaults and raise the floor to 108" my second floor raises (way to high) but the upper pony walls reappear. Do I need to recreate the second floor or attach it to the first floor and somehow change the elevation of that section? Carport Remodel 2x48 windowsplus house_auto_save.plan