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  1. I am trying to customize a full height cabinet to have vertical openings for pan storage as in the attached pic. I can split vertical but the heights of the vertical spaces need to be taller. thanks
  2. So I am a dork. I have 124 lights in the plan and all are checked. I thought the camera view determined what lights would be on. But I have learned tha tyou have to toggle the lights on and off in certain scenes... so I deselected all and only selected the address spotlight and it worked...sorry but thanks for your help! melissa
  3. Ok, got it down to 21MB...I kept all lighting in in case it's interfering with something. BTW thanks for your help and diligence... melissa
  4. Even zipped it is 75MB... I attached a DXF file... CHANGES.dxf
  5. I even thought it may be the ground cover (dirt vs. grass). And I tried different pathlights. Nothing. I will post plan, but not sure how to do that...
  6. So changed sunlight to generic, and then toggled off. I switched location of spotlight to give a camera view where no other lights are in the picture. Nothing...I had the spolight close to pillar, and then a little bit back thinking the angle may be involved. Nothing...
  7. Hi Home Designer Pro 2017. I have added in sunlight info and my specific lat and long. I am trying to add lighting touches including landscape lighting. I have placed a spotlight in front of an address pillar. No matter what I do the light will not illuminate. I have attached images from my Video card info, the spotlight info, and two 3D renderings of the address pillar at different times of the day (shadows on). I have looked at the light from an angle where there are no other lights in the field (so only one light should be in play) in case the video card can't handle it, and nothing... I'd light to add spotlights to trees as well, and I get the same problem. Any ideas? Thanks melissa
  8. pgjacob

    Flipping objects

    I also found a cylinder in library and fit in in the glasses and changed color...I should be more concerned about roof structure but I can't hlep not having these glasses filled! Cheers!
  9. pgjacob

    Flipping objects

    Thanks! I am using Home Designer Pro 2017. I have edited in signature. I found the sphere/dome just searching library. For David Potter, I see you are in Austin. I am using this software to build a house in your area. I am not an architect or a builder so just playing around with software. Although I am getting hooked.
  10. Home Designer Pro 2017


  11. pgjacob

    Flipping objects

    I am trying to fill a cocktail glass. All the glasses in the library are empty. I know this is a small detail but now I just want to know if it is possible...I found a half sphere/dome but it is upside down. How do I flip it so it will look like liquid in a round glass??