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  1. @solver yes I am. I am trying to design a cabinet that more or less resemble this and provide a precise specification for a company to build it. I just downloaded Home Designer Pro 2017 and am experimenting with the trial version for the moment. I have been using Visio throughout and am finding the dimension tool in Home Designer Pro really difficult to use. Here are the list of things: 1) It's impossible (at least that's how it seems) to measure precisely between two things, say inside edge of a cabinet. The beginning of the arrow head always snap to somewhere other than the object itse
  2. Guys thanks for the comments. @LawB10 you meant 3 wall cabinets + 3 base cabinets + 2 full height cabinets (for the sides)? When I use the full height cabinets I'm unable to get the dimension tool to provide the breakdown on the vertical dimensions of each of the 3 doors. Is this a limitation of the program or there is something I need to do? I'm new so there is likely something I'm missing. @solver can you elaborate how is the cabinet broken up into 4 units? Also if we use multiple cabinets, how do we take care of the problem that two cabinets side by side would have 2 Separation
  3. Hi, I want to draw a cabinet that resembles the one in this photo. http://www.houzz.com/photos/8487897/Blue-dream-basement-traditional-basement-montreal I am running into the following issues ... 1) If I use one single full height cabinet, then create the cabinet doors, openings, etc by double clicking on cabinet -> Front, it accurately gives me only one Separation - Horizontal or Separation - Vertical between adjacent Face items. However when using the dimension tool later and draw across the full height or width of the cabinet, it does not give me the break down of height or width