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    Problem with 3D Rendering

    Ok, here are three images that demonstrate the problem. The first image is just a full camera view of a default plan. In the second image, I have placed some wallpaper on the long wall with the cabinets. You will notice that the wall appears black. On the third picture, I have zoomed in and you can see the wallpaper, but only when you get close enough.
  2. chiefuserbrettm

    Problem with 3D Rendering

    I appreciate the direction from everyone, but I still haven't been able to troubleshoot the problem. I am running HD Suite 2017, and I have verified my system settings are sufficient. Here is an example of what I am seeing. Most of the materials I use show up as black unless I zoom in very close. Paint colors on walls show up fine, but if I put tile on a wall, it shows up black. When I place a door, the default color will show, but if I choose a different material, it shows black. This same thing happens when I am using 3D cameras inside the plan. It doesn't make sense that some materials appear fine and others black. Any ideas?
  3. chiefuserbrettm

    Problem with 3D Rendering

    Thanks, David. I've read those articles and I don't think they address my problem. Here is another example of what is happening. If I select the framing overview, all of the framing members appear black, even though I can clearly see the separate framing members. Then, if I zoom in really close, I can see the wood color they are supposed to be. I think it may have something to do with lighting, but I haven't been able to figure it out.
  4. chiefuserbrettm

    Problem with 3D Rendering

    All, Here is my problem: After creating a house plan, when I use the 3D rendering tool (whether it is full overview, dollhouse etc.) everything looks black unless I zoom in extremely close, then I can see the materials and colors. Same thing with landscaping. Any ideas about why this is happening and how I can fix it?