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  1. Hi again..Law and Jo Ann.. Thanks for your help on this ..yes Jo Ann you have got it right in understanding what I am trying to do , but I have to admit I hadn't yet thought carefully about rain run off... (Lol.. So many things to consider when designing a house huh!) I guess at this stage I was thinking that rain run off could be caught at the bottom of the roof, by the stairwell wall, then directed via a 'spouting' solution off the roof, or back on to the first, lower part of that particular roof plane..... and then off the roof. I've been trying to solve the problem in its most basic form by starting a whole new plan, drawing just your basic four level 1 walls, then adding the 2nd seems every time I get the 2nd floor outer wall of the stairwell wall close or on top of the level 1 floor, the roof jumps up to be on level 2... I did get the roof to drop down by putting a line break in the wall which is under the highest part of the roof but that still didn't not produce a perfect result as it built a gable into the roof, in the corner where the roof meets the stairwell.. Damn this is hard to explain with just I'll keep trying and any other help will definitely be appreciated.. Thanks again to you both for your help so far Cheers
  2. Hi again.. Okay I have gone right back to the basics and started off by drawing a whole new plan and level one just four walls, put my sloping roof on, then added the second floor or level 2 as just a basic rectangle that stretches from the front to the back of level one, then sloped its roof.. (Not as wide as level one) the problem always occurs when I try to add on the 'alcove' and bring it out to the edge off the house at level one.. I just can't get this one piece of roof to generate on the first floor.. Anyone got an ideas or is it just something that can't be done in architectual? Cheers
  3. aaaaahhhhhhhhhh..i found it or more accurately found them... yes a couple of rooms had the wrong ceiling heights.....solved... thanks very much Eric...
  4. Hi..Why is one piece of my roof generating on the wrong floor.. it is generating on the second floor but I want it to generate on the first floor... to match the far side of the house. At the same time the roof overhang on the second floor will not generate.. Can anyone help me please... Many thanks & cheers.. Kev 526MarineParade_01-G3-Roofing Plan.plan
  5. Hi.. Why are my walls appearing taller than other walls on my first floor level...??? as per the image on the left hand side of my attachment I'm not sure if its good thing or a bad thing as they don't??? seem to be affecting my plans so far..but just in case they are... Many thanks Kev - CA Architectual 2017