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    Double Sink and Base Cabinet Select Issue

    Yes I am trying to position the sink and resize the sink. I am not even sure what size the sink is. Most are 32 inch but they do vary. I like the suggestion of putting the sink and then resizing but there is still the issue of moving the sink on top of the base cabinet. I will play around with it some more today. Thanks I just read the link that was shared this certainly tells me all I need to know. Thanks again for you suggestions.
  2. ChiefAmp

    Double Sink and Base Cabinet Select Issue

    Hi thanks for the replies. I did try the TAB trick but nothing happened. I also used the "select other item" but it would only select the camera or the the floor. After I posted on this forum I went back into the program and deleted the corner base cabinet and the sink and then put in another cabinet and sink and the same issue still existed. It is like they become one item. If any of you have the same program give it a try and see what happens? It could be a glitch which I may have to report to technical support. I also found one of the side by side refrigerators models when placed on the wall correctly in the 2d plan. But when I switch to the 3d camera view the Fridge is in the wall all the way back. I switched to a different side by side fridge and it worked fine. Thanks for your ideas.
  3. I am using Home Designer Interiors 2017. I am designing a kitchen and put in a corner base cabinet and then a sink. I want to select the sink but it appears that the two objects have become one. I have tried all the select techniques given in the "Help" along using the Display options and hiding the base cabinets but sorry to say the sink disappears with it. It appears as if the two items are grouped but I don't know enough about the program as of yet to group items. If they are grouped it is surly not planned. Without starting another topic am I able to fill in areas with the top and bottom cabinets with a filler or cabinet panel board where things don't fit perfectly. Thanks