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    Trouble creating T stairs

    Thanks for the video response, it was very informative and helped get me where i needed. I created two up stairs in the same direction. Placed a landing between them, then rotated the stairs going up away from the landing and had it going down from the landing. Then I clicked and dragged the landing to make it longer. And this is the end result (using trial version of Suite since I'm on my work computer, not my home computer). Thanks everyone!
  2. Architectist

    Trouble creating T stairs

    I am using Home Designer Essentials 2017. I am trying to create a landing with two stairs going down opposite of each other - creating a T stair. After dozens of attempts to get the first set of stairs to join to the landing they eventually do. But it seems no matter how hard I try I cannot get the second set of stairs to join to the landing. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thanks