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  1. I will rebuild the plan? Does that mean that I need to start over? When I remove the railing against the wall, it gets a little bit crazy.
  2. There are only three walls in the attic level. When I extend the bottom one which would be in the location of that opening, nothing happens.
  3. Eric, As for the open wall, I don't really see where the gable is intruding. I have include a picture of that wall in question. On the gable entry - do I need to break the walls on either side of the door to allow this gable to be created? Thanks for the help. 601Final.plan
  4. I'll keep playing with that to see if I can get it to work. Another question - why when I create the 1/2 story does this happen to the gable?
  5. The break was what was throwing me off. I had done that in the past with a porch and it tied into the main roof with no issues. One last question - if I wanted to add an open gable over the front door for an entry, how would I don that? 601Final.plan
  6. That's exactly what I'm looking for. How did you accomplish that?
  7. I'm trying to add a small gable to the rear of a house and the roof line is messing up. I'm still not very good with drawing manual roof lines, so when the auto roof doesn't work like I want, I'm usually in trouble. Can someone offer some input as to how I can keep the gable normal-looking on the left, while tying in a smaller gable on the back left to that same wall? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Russ Home Designer Pro 2016 601Final.plan
  8. LawB10 - I can't open that version for some reason...are you using 2017? David - that was a good help on the other issues with the roof, but can you show me how to add the gable from that picture to the front porch? Just centered along the porch will be fine.
  9. When I manually draw the gable it makes the entire roof line come to crazy pitches with gaps in the center. I would just like the have it centered on the front of the plan. If I am supposed to manually draw it, based on the instructions online I should draw the gable line parallel to the outside wall I would like to have a gable placed on? In this instance since I have a porch, do I draw the line on the invisible railing?
  10. I'm having trouble getting the gable on the barn style house I'm trying to design. I've attached a picture of what I'm wanting as well as my plan below. I'm using Chief Home Designer Pro 2016. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Russ Plan071516.plan