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  1. Sorry to hear that DJP my best wishes for your recovery. Take it easy. You have been missed!
  2. Hey DJP, are you on strike on YouTube? I see you are still alive, I was worried there for a second! I enjoy your videos.
  3. DJP thanks again for all your posted tutors. Speaking of which, is there one somewhere that shows that (marking existing roof planes to remain) happening ? I am nearly there on the manual build process, but now you have me really curious.
  4. That seems like a contradictory statement. I'll study up and try to see what you mean. Thanks Eric.
  5. So my observations are essentially correct. Wow. That is what I have been doing to get where I have gotten and it was frustrating getting there. It does seem that pressing the shift key (like in Deneba Canvas) when moving objects will at least keep them in the same plane. I just now finally discovered the break roof plane tool at the bottom thanks to a DJP post. I had been breaking them down into many planes, which seems to work, whenever I needed to, thinking maybe they were saving that feature for the Chief Architect program. Why can't I (or can I) lock a roof plane or group of roof planes before re-enabling "auto build roofs"? That is another great feature of Canvas, the locks. I do see the global lock enables. Is the gable checkbox essentially a tool for that?
  6. Hi. I have had HDP17 a few weeks now and have really enjoyed and appreciated your posted videos. I come from a Deneba Canvas background with the Mac. I was so used to the "align right" "align center" bottom, top, etc, etc.. Also group, ungroup. I can't find any aligment tools on the toolbars, and am instructed in some passages to look for "make architectual block" tool so I can group my windows and doors to match my inventory of custom mullioned glass windows and doors that I have. That tool never seems to appear for me after I have group selected doors and windows from the default library that I have modified to match the component parts of a particular grouping that I own. Am I missing something or is the engine of this program too alien to that concept? I do admit that HDP put's all those old programs to shame however, and I am grinding through this with much satisfaction. Please bear with me it's my 1st post. CABIN_WINDOWS_DOORS_2006.pdf