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  1. seanibew

    3D Views

    Exact same problem I am having when trying to pull up 3D views. Completely blank views. None of the videos on YouTube or this program have helped me solve this problem and it is so frustrating. Do you have to have your foundation or your roof complete first? Is there something major in the structure that I am missing in order to spit out a 3D view?
  2. I am a beginner at this, to say the least. I wish there was a "For dummies" book, as I find even the simplest tasks complicated on this program. I, for the most part, have my layout designed the way I'd like. However, when I try to get a dollhouse, or any other 3D view of my project to come up I have no such luck. I have Home Designer Suite 2015. When I try to pull up a 3D view and set my camera view, I just get a blank "view". My layout/house does not pull up. Am I missing something? Help!