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  1. twconstruction

    Window schedule

    Ok. Thanks
  2. twconstruction

    Window schedule

    This should be the correct one Barn final for permits - 18' second
  3. twconstruction

    Window schedule

    No. I can only find the one that is the second one??
  4. twconstruction

    Window schedule

    How can I remove the first window schedule?
  5. twconstruction

    Window schedule

    Here is a zipped Plan file Barn final for permits - 18' second
  6. twconstruction

    Window schedule

    I am having problems figuring out the window schedule and numbers at the windows. I originally had a window schedule for the plan but couldn't find it anywhere so I added another window schedule and now it shows 2 numbers at each of the windows and the number closest to the window doesn't match the window schedule. Can anyone help me figure out how to have only one window label show at all the windows? And have it match the window schedule? Barn final for permits - 18' second floor.dwg