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    Open Concept, Partial Cathedral Ceiling

    Also, door line should have read roof line.
  2. Mrisser

    Open Concept, Partial Cathedral Ceiling

    Of course....sorry about that and thank you for the suggestion, Solver! I've updated my signature, I'm using Cheif Architect X8 and this software is brand new to me but a room divider style of tool sounds like exactly what I've been trying to find. If you have any further suggestions based on the software I'm using I would be incredibly thankful!
  3. I've got an open concept living space and one portion of the larger area requires a cathedral ceiling. I've got scissor trusses in that portion, but I'm unable to have the ceiling follow the pitched trusses without causing the entire room to follow the door line. How can I make the ceiling be cathedralled in just one specific section?