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    KNX is a widely used home/building automation system: Maybe this a more European centerde system? In general i am looking for any symbols of sensors: moisture detector etc, temperature sensor etc. The general sensors like smoke, heat are already in the library.
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    Hello, I am looking for KNX 3D symbols to use i homedesigner suite. Searching for 3-letter words is not allowed in the forum. So can anyone tell me where to find it? Regards, Egbert
  3. Solved. Don't know how to mark the topic as close?
  4. Hello, I am having trouble creating a separate basement in the garden. It is just a concrete box, below the ground, with openings for two doors. I tried to design it as: - a regular house with just one level - from foundation - as a box What would be the best way? Regards, Egbert
  5. (home designer suite) In the still from the training video i see a define button. In the still from my live system i don't see it. Where can i find it?