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  1. Thanks guys. Solver Pm sent. The proposed work around is exactly how I did it in the design. I didn't know if there was a work around for saving it as a door symbol?
  2. Hello all, First I would like to preface my question/problem by thanking you all for your contributions to the forums. You have answered many of my questions over the years without knowing it. am currently using Home Designer Pro 2015.. Yes, it has its limitations but for what I use it for, there hasn't been much I haven't been able to do or make do with. To my question; Is there a way to import 3d objects (specifically .skp) into my HD plan and specifically assign it as a door symbol which will allow me to place it into a wall? Description; I created a 3D object, (a wood door) using Sketchup make 2016. Saved it as a .skp file version 8, and imported it into my plan. I tried importing as a both a skp drag and drop and .skp import from file. The problem I have is, when I import the skp object I can not assign it as a specific symbol, (ie. door, window, etc.) which intern will not allow me to inset the symbol/object into a wall as it is intended. It is fine as a stand alone object. I believe this may just be a limitation of the HD software. I hope I am wrong and someone has a solution or work around to get the object to save and place correctly. Many thanks in advance. below is a jpeg of the only dialog box I get upon import the door is the placed object below the dialog box.