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  1. stanyite

    Wall Symbols

    I've searched the user's guide and this forum for an answer to my question without success. Please explain what the two symbols in the picture below mean and how to correct the error. I know it appears when building walls and must be an alignment issue but I haven't figured out yet exactly how to correct the problem. I've managed to make the symbols disappear after many random attempts.
  2. stanyite

    Incomplete Roof

    Thanks, David. I slowly began moving the knee wall away from the ridge line (toward the covered patio) and after moving and checking in one inch increments, the roof generator removed the depression and now looks correct.
  3. stanyite

    Incomplete Roof

    A small section of my roof is not building correctly. As the image shows, there is a depressed area with multiple angles/planes that I cannot delete or correct. I've tried aligning walls and double checked all my wall heights but I'm getting nowhere. I am attempting to create a saltbox roof over the two-story part of this plan. There are no objects or elements found in the attic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. stanyite

    Gable Roof Over Interior Room

  5. stanyite

    Gable Roof Over Interior Room

    Thanks, Solver. I'll try this when I get home.
  6. stanyite

    Gable Roof Over Interior Room

    OK, LawB10, I'll give that a try and let you know how it works out. (How about some suggestions on how I can include images in my posts? I've tried using attachments and embedding .jpg images in my posts but nothing works.) Thanks.
  7. stanyite

    Gable Roof Over Interior Room

    Yes, Eric, something very much like that.
  8. stanyite

    Gable Roof Over Interior Room

    I am working on a plan with a "great room" section that is open to the 2nd floor with vaulted ceilings and exposed trusses. The butler's pantry in the kitchen is in part of this "great room" section. I want to build a gable roof over the butler's pantry and finish it with copper sheet metal. How can I build the pantry roof without disturbing the main roof? (I would gladly add images but I've tried for a half hour to attach some .jpg images and I keep getting an error message.)