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  1. Help.... 1.In floor plan view, select Tools> Materials List> Calculate from Area . 2.Click and drag a rectangle surrounding the an area to display a materials list for the area within the rectangle. The resulting material s list only includes objects and materials located within the rectangle. So why does my selected area of 11' x 26' addition have enough framing to do the entire floor???? 1400 ft of floor joist? Is this a bug in the software? It only shows 10 sheets of OSB flooring. Material cut list option is not any better. The same error is on many other items on the material list just not all of them. I don't what to have to count the individual boards from the framing view to estimate my material cost, what gives?
  2. Trying software for 1st time to add an addition to my existing home layout. Problem is the subfloor joists, rim joist and sill plates show for the entire project and not just the area chosen. Material list by room does not include the framing structure so what am I doing wrong? I haven't found a good video explaining this tool. Thanks