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    Suite - Can I print a plan

    Thanks DJP!
  2. BobJax

    Suite - Can I print a plan

    When comparing the products, The comparison chart said that only the Professional version can: "Printable Layout Sheets. Create blueprint layouts with 3D, CAD, Cross-Section / Elevation, and Plan Views. Define any scale for the drawing." What will the Suite version print, if not layout sheets? Does it print blue print size plans? Can the file be saved in the CAD file format to pass on to an Architect? Thanks, Bob
  3. BobJax

    I am stumped

    Thanks M, Great recap! Bob
  4. BobJax

    I am stumped

    Thanks David, I'll watch your videos.
  5. BobJax

    I am stumped

    I randomly drew a wall, then once drawn, I moved it up and down to adjust the wall placement using the dimension lines. Why does it always show 1/16 " as part of the dimension? Thanks
  6. BobJax

    I am stumped

    Hi Folks, I am trying the 90 day trial and can not understand how to measure and place the walls. Basic example: Say house is 36 ft deep and 52 ft wide. This is kinda a weird example, but for discussion, say I want to draw a wall all the way across, left to right, at 16 ft from the front inside wall. I slide the wall starting point, on the left wall, up and down but there is no way I can determine how many feet off the front inside wall the new wall is. In another CAD program I am testing, I can pre-draw the dimension and place the wall against the dimension, but this program does not seem to allow you to do a dimension that just stops. I know there is a VERY easy way of knowing where you are placing walls or no would buy this software. Please tell me, how do I know where (dimensions) the new wall will be placed. Also how do I make it always show FT and INCHES? No more thing, in the training video the speaker says to change the wall parameters, click something, then a box will open and adjustments to the wall parameters can be made. I can't find what to click. Thanks very much! Bob
  7. BobJax

    First day here..Which product?

    Hi Folks, A couple of hours ago I download HD Pro and started drawing my house plan in it and realized it was good. So I clicked buy. When the price came up I realized I was using PRO @ $495. All I need is to draw my plan and email it to the architect who will draw it in AutoCad. Can I do this in HD Architectural? Anyone know the major limitations in HDA versus Pro that might make Pro a must? Thanks, Bob