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  1. I am desperate to get help on putting a floorplan with multi level open space into ca. For the life of me I can't figure it out (stairs and adjusting ceiling heights planes etc...)and I am willing (happy to do so) pay someone to provide this for me!!! I can adjust the materials of course and add in furniture, just I don't have the time to try to sort this out. If anyone is willing or a wiz and can help me with this please let me know asap!!! I have attached the basic plan all that I need in the plan is entry, living room, dining room, kitchen and stairs. I would guess also the upstairs open area as well since we see it from all areas. I have promised my clients that I would provide the 3d visuals as well as the wonderful walk-through's that I have done on all my other more standard houses... So if someone out there is proficient on this , has a wee bit of time and wants to make some money please let me know.... I am also in need of a few other houses to get their plans in to ca as well. My cad tech that I use locally doesn't work in ca only revit... I need to be able to manipulate the dwgs with details. I have attached all that I have. If anyone can look at this and contact me directly please asap. 1-604-916-4634 Kori 497.OLD PDF DWGS.pdf
  2. Help! I am used to autocad....trying to make some open x box wine storage cabinets and really finding this can I do any custom build/type design mods to cabinets or is there something I am totally missing?