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  1. Thanks Eric, I am probably going to upgrade as I believe it will be a better fit for my transition. I have 21 houses to draw, so I am sure the added features will be cost effective.
  2. I think I have it. See attached. I manually messed around with the upper roof plane so that it stopped on the inside of the walls, and then I grabbed the wall in Perspective Overview and lowered the height until it appeared to be about 6" tall from top of roof. I changed the slope of the upper roof to 0, and voila. I think the only way you can accomplish this is by manually playing with the roof planes. I see you use Chief Premier X7, X8, X9. I was contemplating upgrading to the Premier edition, do you think it is worthwhile? It appears it is a lot more similar to AutoCAD Architecture than the Pro version I am presently using. Thank you again for your time, I truly appreciate your response. GILBERT_POSSIBLE.pdf GILBERT_SECTION.pdf
  3. I understand Eric, and I am aware you are just trying your best. I can be a little "snarky" at times, my nickname comes honestly..... sorry. I have tried to do the roof planes automatically. I have tried to do the roof planes manually. I don't care how it is drawn as long as it appears in the elevations and renderings correctly. As long as it somewhat represents what the general contractor is going to do, I can always make notes or call out design criteria to ensure the house is built correctly. The current plan I attached earlier was done originally from Auto Roof build. I then deleted the incorrect planes, and revised them manually. If I draw a 1 room rectangular structure, I can put a shed roof on it and I can put a parapet roof on it. I understand how to do it and the elevations show correctly. I believe the problem comes about when you have a house with two separate ceiling heights and two independent roof planes. Then to compound the problem, there is a parapet to be added to the upper roof only. The builder wants to have a 3 foot difference between the top of the lower roof and the top of the parapet. I noticed there was a roof group when opening up the Room Specification. I placed the higher roof in Roof Group 1 and the lower roof in Group 2. This does not seem to make any difference. I thought maybe someone has had this problem before, and so I have tried the forum. GILBERT_DAN-Orthographic Full Overview.pdf GILBERT_A4-ELEVATIONS.pdf
  4. Thank you both for your time. I have 25 years of AutoCAD experience. I have done Architectural Commercial and Residential building design for the past 25 years. I found this product by doing a little research, and am fairly new at this software. I have researched extensively on how to do the two types of roofs and have had some limited success. I thought by posting on the forum what my problem was, I would hopefully get a little help with my dilemma. I have been told now by two people to go and look at the help section, which of course I have already done. Thank you again for your time, I guess I will figure out a way on my own.
  5. I have read up on shed roofs, and looked at parapet walls. I cannot seem to get the roof to go the proper way with all the tutorials and forums I have read. I dont usually post on forums unless I have tried every possible way I know. If I search this forum for parapet walls, the only thing that comes up is my post. This is what I want for the roof layout. If I do it automatic, it doesn't look like it does now. If I manually move the roof planes I get what I have.
  6. That is one of the problems. I am not sure how to change the roof to slope from front to back. The other problem is the roof on the higher section is flat with a 6" tall "parapet" framed on top.
  7. I am using Home Designer Pro 2017. I am trying to create a house with 10' ceilings on left 2/3 of the house and 12' ceilings on the other 1/3. The roof that is over the 2/3 part is a shed roof with the high end on the front of the house. The roof overhang will be 6" front, left side and rear. The roof over the higher section will be 24" higher with a 6" curb (parapet) framed on top of the truss. I cannot seem to get the program to show the correct roof. Can anyone help me? I have attached my plan view so far GILBERT_DAN2.plan
  8. Awesome, I had an ICF foundation wall in the basement of a house I am drawing. I added a 2x4 framed wall to the inside face with drywall. The framed wall was not being displayed. Found this thread and problem solved. Thank you so much!
  9. My plan is attached. I can see the post in plan view. I cannot see it in Camera view and do not know where to go to turn it on in Camera view. test 7.plan
  10. Eric, When I click on the "post" it says it is a post. I have no way of telling what layer it is on. I am strongly thinking about upgrading from Pro 2017 to X8. I think it will be closer related to AutoCAD and I am very familiar with AutoCAD.
  11. I have Home Designer Pro 2017. I am fairly new to this program. I am trying to add posts for roof support on a house I drew. It adds it in plan view, but when I go to Perspective Full Overview the posts do not show up. I have Framing, Deck posts and Framing, Posts turned on but they will not show up. Is there something I am doing wrong?