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    Stepped Gable with clerestory wall on beam

    Good to know. Any procedure suggestions? I haven'e been to YouTube or the Knowledge base yet, the other two not too illuminating yet. I have been able, by manually altering walls in 3D view to get to the offset gable below. No idea yet on inserting a beam, suppose I could use two shed roofs to make the raised section of the gable. However, this open appearance is from making the walls below invisible, rather than not having them there. Seems clumsy.
  2. I'm hoping someone here can tell me how to create a roof/wall with this form: imagine a gable roof with cathedral ceiling, where you sliced out the center section paralleling the ridge, raised that section 3 feet on a clerestory wall along each side, with the clerestories and rafter ends carried by beams supported by columns at the endwalls. A quick sketch below. Any help much appreciated, I have previously failed to find a good way to do this in Punch AS 3000, and now some years later, I decided to try the HD Pro trial as I think of this project again, and I'm finding the interface eerily similar, but am still hopeful that this can be done in HD Pro.
  3. BcatV1

    Roof control in Architectural better than Suite?

    Thanks Solver, though I'm sorry to hear that. I think CA makes a mistake there, for their intended audience for designer vs CA. Its the one thing I like better in Punch, and it may push me back to it.
  4. BcatV1

    Roof control in Architectural better than Suite?

    By the way, I did download the trial version of Arch, and looks very similar, but I'm hoping that someone here can tell me if digging deeper in Arch will reveal better controls. thanks again.
  5. The limitations of roof design/control in Suite are showstoppers for me, would upgrading to Architectural offer more manual control? thanks for any help! V