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    Hi, The issue is All interior fixtures are extremely light when printing. printer, version including line weights, I'm new to this forum. I have HD Architectural 2017 and when I print from PDF all of my interior fixtures are extremely light (doors, toilet, w/d, tub everything), I have another drawing (PDF) from someone else using one of the programs not sure which one. I was trying to replicate and it prints very dark. After talking with support we were trying to see if my printer is the issue and not line weights or is it the Pro Version or the premier version. If someone cane help I would greatly appreciate it. I would need someone to use my file that is using the pro version and change line weights and print to see if that is the issue. I am planning to got o Fed Ex and reprint to see if its my printer causing it. any help would be appreciate Thank you Gary Full Floorplan-2.pdf Our house HD-Floor Plan.pdf