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  1. Sorry fixed my own problem, missed room types on the first floor.
  2. It has been a while since I sat down and used HDPro, recently upgraded to 2024. I tried to create a 1.5 floor design with an attic. For some reason, the siding is omitted at the 2nd floor platform. All framing is turned on, I used a 36” high knee wall for the attic walls. Specified the area as attic. How do I fix this to generate the siding? Thanks!
  3. Resetting toolbars worked. Thanks!!!!!
  4. Renamed folder, restarted, program created a new toolbar folder. Still no menus. I tried opening a plan I made a couple of years ago and still no menus. Somewhere I must have turned something off. I had been turning off Display Options recently which should have no bearing on my problem. Powered the computer off several times and on and still nothing. This screen capture is all I see.
  5. I ventured further into the All Program Paths and found the files on the screenshot below. I see the User Toolbar folder. Should I rename the backup files or the primary files?
  6. Thanks, I'm in preferences, but did not see a folder specific to tool bars.
  7. I apparently toggled off all tool bars. I can't figure out how to toggle them back on. I've tried all the function keys and played around with the tools and view options without success. Any suggestions? Also, my cursor has been stuck of Build Terrain. I would like to get back to just the pointer. Feel kinda silly even asking these questions.
  8. HD Pro 2020 I have been working on this design for a week now and it seems that when I get one parameter correct, I cause a problem somewhere else. I finally got all of the footer depths to match, then I noticed that the entry door went from 6” above the porch to 12 inches. Somehow, I raised the finished floor of the main living area. I am trying to construct a single-family residence on a flat lot. The foundation will consist of an 8” x 24” footer with the top at grade. The lot is narrow, so a stem wall will be needed and a crawl space created. I was using a CMU stem wall, three courses high, including all garage and living area walls, except the stem wall for the front/back porch, which would only have 2 1/2 courses of block. The garage floor will be 4’’ above the top of the footer. The top of the stem wall with sill plate will be 26.625” above the top of the footer The floor surface in the living areas will be 38.875” above the top of the footer There will be a front and back porch, both the same elevation with a decking over the crawl space at 34.875” above the top of the footer or 22.625”. How would I set up the structure dialog boxes for the garage, main living areas and porches to achieve this design? The porches are under the inset in the corners under main roof for the residence. I used exterior walls to delineate the exterior and inter walls of each porch and made the exterior walls invisible. I attached an image of the back porch. I also tried to construct a deck in the area of the porch, but I could not adjust any of the deck framing to elevate the decking. Can someone assist me with the problem I am having? I'm getting a little closed on the front porch, but I can not edit the deck framing and lower the height of the stem wall along the outside perimeter of the porch...please ignore the roof. Back Porch.pdf Front Forch.pdf
  9. David, Its a desktop running Win 10. The audio does not work in either Chrome or IE, so yes, it;'s a setting somewhere in Windows. I do know that the training videos on the CA website run using Adobe Flash. I did not have flash installed, so I installed it, still no luck in either browser. I may try reinstalling the Realtec audio drivers. I did get the audio to work on the TV, so I guess I can always go into the living room to watch. I just upgraded to HD Pro 2020 to start working on a new house. Thanks, TennScott
  10. Running HD Pro 2015, been away from the program for some time. Since last used the videos, I upgraded to Win 10. I was trying to get reacquainted with the software and thought I would watch the online videos. They play fine, but with no audio. I have checked all of the locations I know to adjust volumes and mute settings, but nothing seems to work. I can watch and listen to YouTube, CD's, DVD's system sounds and other video, but the Home Designer videos remain silent. I contacted CA technical service and I received a link to the videos, but when I play from that link, the videos remain silent. I have gone through the windows settings and everything seems to be set properly. While I watch a video, the master sound bar moves and indicates there is output, but something is not allowing the sound to get to the speakers. Has anyone experience this problem in the past?
  11. TennScott

    Wall Overlap

    I just upgraded to HD Pro 2015 and I am having problems with what appears to be the first floor wall over-lapping the basement wall. I thought that I had all of the structure information correct, but I had to play with it to get the proper ceiling height on each floor. However, the overlap was present prior to my manipulation of the ceiling heights. I have attached a dollhouse view and a view of the cross-section view with dimensions. Also attached is a copy of the structure dialog box for each floor. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.