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    Terrain not visible

    A good nights sleep solved everything. I had a hidden terrain perimeter I could not see, hence the small rectangle under my foundation where the terrain intersected the building. I opened my plan in 3D and then hit the edit arrow. I was able to pull out the terrain perimeter enough so I could see the edges outside my foundation. I went back to floor plan view and adjusted the rest of my edges. All is solved. You do need to have the box checked to " show terrain intersection" or it may stay hidden forever. Thanks, from a real novice.
  2. LDRobertson

    Terrain not visible

    I have converted my .dwg elevation file (supplied by survey) to .dxf . I have made several successful drawings and the terrain displays properly. I now have a new drawing I started. I imported the same .dxf but the only terrain showing is the part under the building. It looks very funny, I can change the thickness of the display and my house rises on a tall green pedestal! It does not display the entire terrain perimeter. If I click off on the "do not display terrain intersecting building" then I loose it all together. I have tried to follow the same settings as my successful plans. I have tried to reload the data but I end up with the same thing, no full display. I know I am missing a button somewhere, I just can not figure it out. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Using Professional 2017 Thanks in advance, Dianne