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    No Black Lines

    That's terribly disappointing since it's all over the images in the help section for the software. Thanks for clarifying though.
  2. dmperkins74

    No Black Lines

    Darn! I forgot to include that last time. Home Designer Suite 2016.
  3. dmperkins74

    No Black Lines

    Hi everyone, First, I have scoured the help section, so please don't reply with just "look in the help". IN the help references, I see screenshots of of 3d views where all elements and walls have black lines at the edges. (see "black_lines.png" below and attached). However, I can't for the life of me find out how to turn that on! My 3d views are a bit muddy and undefined and walls blend together. Having the black edges would be very helpful (see "no_black_lines.png" also below and attached.) Any input appreciated, Thanks, dp Black Edges No Black Edges
  4. dmperkins74

    Some newbie questions

    Thanks a bunch MyPlans. I was searching all over for "show" and "hide" it never occurred to me that this was something I would delete and regenerate. You were very helpful
  5. dmperkins74

    Some newbie questions

    It's the 2016 version. I've looked through help and I cannot figure it out. If you happen to know, you could you please simply tell me the answers?
  6. dmperkins74

    Some newbie questions

    Hey gang, I just installed the Home Designer 2016 software and I have a couple of intro questions: - How can I get the measurements to go away? - Can I change the keys used to control the camera at all? - Is there a way to get walkthroughs to have the shadows? Thanks, dp