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  1. I have Chief and I use it only to generate the floor plan. I draw the elevations and interiors by hand. The final drawings are then converted to AutoCad. I have a copy of Home Designer and it appears to work almost as Chief does but with better 3D modeling. I bought Home Designer to open files sent by a client who was using it.
  2. I tried the upgraded pro versions and the handles on objects muddied up my screen and looked frustrating. I have the dongle and XP. I am running a virtual machine XP under Windows 10. Would love to use some of the consumer versions or a pro version that is clearer. Thanks for any ideas. JH, Orlando
  3. Aha, thank you DJP. I also read the 'destructions': If you use your mouse button to click and hold the wall and hold down Ctrl you can move the wall inch by inch. My bad. Thanks all.
  4. Thanks Eric, I am using Home Designer Essentials. I have turned the snap button off and I cannot get the walls to move smoothly in small increments still.
  5. Hi, I have been frustrated trying to get the walls to move smoothly by one inch increments. The walls move to some predetermined location instead. What should I be doing? Thanks