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  1. Was out golfing in it last Saturday like an idiot
  2. Thanks Elovia and David for the discussion! I'm just a homeowner looking to take more control over various improvement projects. My goal is just to get an accurate 3D model of the home and landscape so I can visualize/test my projects. I'm not necessarily needing accurate construction/materials plans, etc. So, what I believe I need is a masonry fence that has a constant top height regardless of terrain elevation. Is there a simple way to do this? It seems like this would be a pretty common thing--I know just about every home in the city of Phoenix has a CMU/Stucco fence. Elovia,
  3. I got rid of the room definition... thanks! So, it appears I want to create a half-wall or "solid" rail which then allows me to specify the wall height. However, this creates the wall at the floor height and not on the terrain and I can't seem to reposition the wall up/down in 3D view. A solid rail type disables "follow terrain" If I just make it a standard wall, I can resize the height and position on the terrain--but this seems completely imprecise. How do I precisely position a wall on the terrain and at a specific top height?
  4. I'm trying to understand the correct way to create a CMU fence around the backyard. At first, I created a straight fence, but setting the material to CMU didn't do anything until I unchecked 'railing'. However, once I enclosed the backyard, it created a 'room' Next I tried a terrain wall, but I don't appear to be able to drop a gate into it. What's the correct way to do this and maintain the enclosed area as 'terrain'?
  5. I've tried so many different ways to get this to come out right--but can't. Doesn't seem to matter whether I raise the ceiling from below or raise the floor from above, the exterior wall surface of the 2nd floor is cut by the framing/studs of the perpendicular walls
  6. I seem to need to be able to 'break' the exterior wall where it meets the porch divider, that allows the porch portion of the exterior wall to extend to the elevated ceiling height. However, I only seem to be able to break the wall at the midpoint of the porch wall, so I'm still left with a small gap. Attach render with and without wall break.
  7. Getting oh so close! Everything is looking pretty good except for some "clipping" areas that I can't figure out. I used the align wall below tool. I copied the 1st floor over to a new plan with a mono slab and removed the column and soffits to better see the problem area. FixedFoundation2-2ndFloorTest.plan
  8. Really appreciate the help, but I'm just missing something. Open below the 2nd story room blows a whole through my ceiling. But maybe I just need to fully draw out the interior. Let me finish the plan with out the 2nd story and come back to this.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not quite getting it however. I think I left out a key detail though. That "room" over the porch is attic space. It's a dummy window/dormer. Still, if I set the floor of the 2nd story room to 126", it raises all the exterior walls. Before and after shots
  10. Thanks Eric and LawB10 for the help. I've made some very good progress, but I'm stuck on a couple of things on the porch. 1. The ceiling on the porch is higher than the rest of the first floor at 126". When I change the ceiling height for that room, the whole first floor height seems to change with it. How do I make it so that only the porch ceiling changes? 2. Having difficulty getting the walls/column on the porch to match up flush with the 2nd floor walls. In the attached plan the column is in the correct location and correct height. I need help making the ceiling, soffits
  11. Thanks, LawB10. I'll take a look. Haven't had much time this week to work on it.
  12. Thanks. I'll give it a go!
  13. Looking for some guidance on how to best draw up the front porch/entry and patio area of my home. I have Home Designer Pro 2017 and I'm fairly new to the software. For the patio, I was thinking to define the section with the roof/cover using the room divider, add the column, and then add soffits to create the stucco structure under the roof. The front porch--I'm not really sure. At first I tried creating a really tall room, but the structure needs to comes up over the garage roof plane. A dormer doesn't seem like quite the right option either. I've attached pics of both areas f