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    Problem with dormers

    Hi, I just started to play with Home Designer Suite 2015. Currently I am working on the design of the house, based on plan. It's a 3 floor house, with last floor having the wall up to a predefined height (1m) and over this height the walls are in fact part of the roof (diagonal), with a ceiling on standard 2,5 m height (sorry, I am working in metric dimensions). After some struggle I managed to make the structure (make last floor of 1m height, auto rebuild the roof, switch auto rebuild, increase floor ceiling to 2,5 m, set "Use soffit surface for ceiling") that looks like I want. Unfortunately, putting dormers in the roof messes up the structure in the interior of the house. The windows have some bricks/planks visible and look unfinished. I have no idea how to fix it... Here is what happens after adding dormers: If anyone had idea that could help, I would be very grateful! Cheers!
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    Problem with the project