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  1. On part of my plan, the foundation is missing. When I try to place a foundation under my existing plan, the program says it will delete the plan. How do I place a foundation under my current plan?
  2. MrBill318

    Attic Space

    I have a drawing for a single floor home on a slab. How do I work in the attic space to place things like HVAC and Attic Fan?
  3. The dimensions that show up as your building your walls, windows, doors, etc. I would like to view my drawing without all those measurements. I would like to just hide them, not delete them. I hope I made it a little clearer.
  4. How do I temporarily hide dimensions on the grid?
  5. Downloaded the Piano from the 3D Warehouse as you suggested. But it downloads it as a .skp file. My computer says it does not have a program to open it. I thought since I have Home Designer installed it would open it. It does not. Any suggestions??
  6. How can I insert an upright piano. There is no such item in the Library.
  7. Where is the Auto Stairwell Tool in Home Designer Suite 2017. Also, where is the Open Below Room at??
  8. Sorry, still don't understand. Can you be a little more specific or maybe give me a link on how to create a basic set of stairs from the basement to the first floor. I don't understand "make your own Open Below room on the floor above to manually create the opening". Please help.
  9. I am trying to place a simple stairwell from the basement to the 1st floor. But when I place the stairs it does not create a stairwell. The stairs just go right through the 1st floor, floor. What am I doing wrong? I have attached 2 examples. Mrbill