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  1. I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2017 with latest update. The window was placed from the library, i.e., Architectural/windows/round. If you can instruct me how to do this using arch settings I would appreciate it. Thanks much.....
  2. I want to place a round window onto a wall and increase the size. As I expand the dimensions the round window eventually becomes a square window. Is the any way I can make this window larger and still maintain the correct shape of the window ? The same also happens for oval windows.
  3. I have 2 adjoining rooms with different ceiling heights. If I try to place a crown molding in the taller of the 2 rooms, it disappears along the wall that connects with the shorter room. It will appear if I bring the crown molding down to the height of the shorter room, but I want the top of the molding at the height of the taller room. Does anyone know what I need to do to get a continuous molding at the proper room height ?