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  1. Actually, I'm writing to correct what I said earlier. I've removed the floor 1 deck, and added framing to the floor 2 deck. My reference view in foundation floor 0, shows the location of the deck piers from the floor 2 deck. I have all of the foundation options checked. I have a terrain perimeter, but it was added after the deck was drawn in. Does the sequence of what gets drawn when, in terms of deck vs terrain vs deck framing matter? I still do not see any footing for the deck piers in the foundation, floor 0. Do the footings, need to be manually drawn - from reading the online information, I didn't think that was the case. I tried that, and am having problems getting the footings centered in the If this is the case, that the footings are manually drawn, do you use "post with footing" to do it? Please help, Thanks
  2. Hello, I have a slab foundation, so the ground level floor is "floor 1". I've drawn a deck on floor 2, but cannot get the piers to display on the foundation level. They do display on floor 1. Can the deck piers be displayed on the foundation level? Thanks