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  1. David & Solver, Thanks for the feedback. It is appreciated.
  2. With Home Designer Pro 2017, is there a way to establish layout sets and then toggle between those layout sets as you create say, the Architectural Floor Plan, Foundation Plan, Electrical Plan, Plumbing Plan, etc.? I currently have 166 Layout Sets in the file (as noted at the top of my "Layer Display Options" dialog box) but cannot find how to revert to a favorite set for each layout. I am hopeful that there is a way to establish a group of items to show on a layout and then be able to come back to that same group without having to scroll through the Layer Display Options dialog box and rech
  3. I am running Home Designer Professional 2015 (soon to upgrade to 2017). Is there a way to modify the floor assembly to include more than 2 components? I see options to use floor joists and sheathing but I have a need to show gypcrete with radiant floor heat in my building sections and details as well. I tried the Room Specification\Structure\Floor Structure Edit Button that takes you to the Floor Structure Definition pop-up. There I see Layers 1 & 2 where you can type in the thickness of your components (TJIs & plywood) but I don't see how to actually add another layer for the 1 1/