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  1. I have printed out a jpg of one of my room layouts and I noticed that you cannot set the dimensions of the jpg. I am using Interiors 2014 and want to print on 18" by 24" poster board, but when I upscale the jpg in Photoshop to send to Kinkos, it loses a lot of sharpness. Do the more expensive versions allow for larger files? Thanks.
  2. tribalco

    Lighting Issues

    Hello, working in Interior Designer, I am having a lot of trouble with lighting. Everything looks flat, no highlights or spill on walls or desks. Does the Interior program have the highlights and shadows that I see in other gallery images? I have tried recessed light, table lights, pendant lights, fan lights, all seem to make very little difference in the scene. Do I need to upgrade to Architectural, or Pro to get better results? Thanks.