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  1. Thank you for the reply and for the signature reminder. I've searched for the problem but can't seem to find it.
  2. Hello, I have Home Designer Pro 2022 and it's been awhile since i've used the product. I'm trying to raise a ceiling height between the ceiling and OSB while keeping the upstairs floor the same height. Is there a way to "close" the gap slightly? I've attached a screenshot showing the "gap." Thank you, Shane
  3. I have Home Designer Suite 2015. Does anyone know where I can find a sign to go on a door that says "quiet please" or "baby sleeping"? Thank you! Shane
  4. I have Home Designer Suite 2015. Does anyone know of any other sites like 3D Warehouse to obtain items? Thank you! Shane
  5. I have solved the problem! I talked to technical support and they looked at my plan. The person said those rooms must have been assigned a different style of room or name. She had me delete the hallway wall that connects to the rooms, then delete any wall that would open up the hotel interior rooms to the hallway. This then matched the settings in the hotel rooms to the hallway. I then saved the program, closed out, reopened the program, and rebuilt the walls. The floor is now there and all the walls look normal. Thank you for all of your advice! Shane Carman
  6. Thanks for the message. I have attached the floor numbers I used on each floor. I did originally use those rooms off of the main building as templates, copying them and then placing into the plan. Once the rooms were in the building, I would copy them using the edit area tool. I did the same thing for rooms on the first floor with no problem at first. The picture on the left is 1st floor and the picture on the right is the 2nd floor in my earlier post. Part of my second floor is functioning and has a floor while the other half does not. I just added a third floor to the building and had no problems. All of the rooms there have flooring. On the third floor, all of the rooms are the same so I copied the correct room from the second floor and duplicated it on the third. I tried what you recommended with the foundation and it did not change. I have noticed that the correct rooms on the second floor have a "ceiling below" of 102". In these rooms, default is checked for ceiling below". On the rooms with no floor, "ceiling below" default is not selectable and is stuck at 114 5/8". The pictures attached are the defaults for floor 1 and floor 2 as they currently are. Thank you again.
  7. Thanks for looking at my plan. The options you have displayed for the floor on Room Specifications are not available to me. I don't know why. Here attached are the options that display for me.
  8. Yes I do not have that option under structure. I have Home Designer Suite 2015.
  9. I have Home Designer Suite if that matters.
  10. Where can I locate this menu? Thank you!