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  1. I certainly didn't know that I could set different roof overhangs on each wall so will look into that. Your understanding of the global setting was the same as mine, but then re-creating existing buildings does seem to push software such as HD to limits the programmers could never have imagined!
  2. Hi Mike, I was not able to load my entire house but briefly it is an 'as now' plan before changes are to be made. Yes, the return fascia is sloped as you noticed; the roof is a shed roof and the fascias and soffits vary around the building, hence the need for imported bespoke shapes. I have tried checking the Global Mapping in my plan (the one box I had ignored as I believed it was for an entirely different purpose) and it certainly seems that was the key to solving most of the problem, although I can see what you mean about the soffit on the front. The soffit at the other end of the house has the same problem but those running the length of the house are just fine. This is a minor problem as the soffits are virtually hidden from was the fascias I needed to render correctly. I note your comment on the scale of the texture which I had already been tweaking. Thank you so much for your help.
  3. Yes Mike, that works but only if my roof had a fascia and soffit using the HD roof options. However, my build needs a bespoke fascia and soffit which I have created using Sketch Up 2014. When I import these files into HD I just cannot seem to get the surfaces to accept a material with a change of orientation of texture from the default given in the Core Catalogue. The vector view will reflect the change of direction, but the standard view does not whether I apply the texture by assigning or painting. I have tried changing the orientation of the original Sketch Up drawing, (ie having the fascia and soffit standing on its end) but that makes no difference either. By zipping the files they will now attach and I have reduced the plan to show just two of the walls of my build. Bedroom End Bedroom Return Section of Plan.plan
  4. Hi Mike, My file size is too large to upload and the Sketchup file is not permitted apparently. Perhaps you know if I can copy and paste a small section of my plan onto a separate file to bring the file size down? Both the soffit and Fascia behave in the same manner in that I am unable to paint them with a vertical texture. I am using the Core Catalogue 'Cedar Tongue and Groove' and the default orientation of this is horizontal. I can change that orientation to vertical quite successfully for the walls (as seen in the thumbnail) but it will not change for the soffit or fascia in the standard render view. I would like the textures to all run vertically.
  5. Hi's the fascia and soffit above the window and just below the roof line. In standard view, the planking runs horizontally and in the vector view it runs vertically. No matter what I do and in which order, I cannot get the planking to run vertically in the standard view.
  6. I have been changing the angle of both pattern and texture in the definitions box but using just the standard render to check the outcome. On checking the vector view, the pattern has actually changed direction, but the texture refuses to do so in the standard view.
  7. I am using HD Pro 2015. I tried your suggestion but that did not work either. I then tried applying a totally fresh material from the Core Catalogue with a downwards pattern and that did work. I am beginning to think that the problem lies with my original material which has already been copied into the User Catalogue, and altered for use in my design, although I cannot see why? Update... I can paint my soffit with either a vertical or a horizontal texture from the Core Catalogue successfully but any subsequent changes to the direction of the texture on the soffit will not work. I have also tried drawing the soffit (in Sketch Up) on the vertical axis as opposed to the horizontal axis bit still no joy.
  8. I have created a soffit style shape and imported it into my house design successfully. However, when I try and paint it with a texture, I am unable to change the direction of that texture. For example, wood grain will only run along the soffit and not down it. I have tried the trick of assigning the default material first, and then realigning the texture before repainting my object, but that makes no difference at all. Any ideas?