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  1. BTW to the both of you -- I would have NEVER got this far without having seen your many posts over these past months. Thanks for your contributions!
  2. WOW David, this is fantastic! I'm only 6 minutes in, just wanted to give you more context: 1) This is a remodel, all the roof on the right is as-built. Very tricky to get it all to connect in Pro - so weird measurements are a result of how I made everything fit against measured distances and slopes on a real world house (and a strange one at that). 2) I actually do have the missing wing of that roof, was accidentally deleted. Looks like this: I'm guessing somewhere after 6 minutes you realize how crazy this roof "system" is -- each change in one plane ripples through in 7 directions elsewhere. Probably 100 hours went into getting the as-built roof right, which was important to figuring out how to do the addition (new shed roof). This winning design was the 40th or so. Fun but trying at times.
  3. Should automatically happen. Make sure the wall is set to use the default top and bottom (structure panel) Great tips!!! Delete object is my new friend. On forcing wall to rebuild -- I thought so too but not working for me, e.g. these are set to full gable wall and structure is set to default top & bottom. I've tried Build Roof again and I've tried changing wall default
  4. Apologies in advance if combining multiple questions in one post is breaking protocol -- all are on same project so thought it best to upload file and related questions all in one place. Using HDP 2017, several questions in order of priority, all start with "how do I" 1) Build a gable wall that exists only above another roof plane? In this case I am remodeling and peeling back a gable to intersect with new shed (skillion) roof at a crazy angle. Tried placing in attic with various structure and roof settings. This is as close as I get - when I stretch in orthographic I get odd geometry so I know there is some conflicting settings on some wall or room but can't figure it out. Similar problem with wings under shed roof over clerestory (left side is correct) and another gable over garage. 2) Manually place a gutter (ultimately will be a box gutter feeding sump, not sure it's feasible to do in HDP?) 3) Show roof dimensions in either 2D birdseye rendered "normal" camera or othographic elevation? Same question applies to showing rendering floors from birdseye perspective. (I suspect it's just not possible in HDP.) 4) Show actual thickness of shed (skillion) roof in orthographic views? My roof settings are 12+ inches but only showing 3-4. 5) Force a wall to rebuild after changing its structure and/or roof settings 6) Delete deck framing (other than one member at a time, after forgetting to turn off "retain framing") 7) Stop room dividers from turning themselves into invisible interior walls .plan file is 36MB (over the 25MB limit) so here is a link to it . A bit embarassed to show you the mess I've made of all the experimental hacks I've tried. I know it's not the best tool for this complex a roof, and certainly not the best project for an amateur, but here I am. (working with a structural engineer FWIW). If anyone has tips for getting Chief for less than thousands of dollars I should would love layers about now