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  1. Damn...sure enough. Well done, Keith. I checked the Fixtures, Exterior box and viola!
  2. I inserted a Pergola from Library Objects on to this roofdeck, and all is fine in layout and in camera views, but it doesn't show up in Elevation Views. Any ideas?
  3. Eric, wow. Wow! I am grateful and humbled by the time you took to go through the details of what was needed here in your excellent video. Going through it again, and making notes of each step for future reference. Been flying by the seat of my pants for the last couple of years, learning only what was needed at the time (YouTube vids, etc), and never taking the time to learn it right. Thank you also for the recommendation of the Knowledge Base, et al, as another source. This project involves building a fixed roofdeck on the front shed roof of the home, which will be easy enough, just was getting tripped up on the layout of the home itself. Turned out to be a great opportunity for learning, and I thank you for that, and my hat's off to you, sir.
  4. Home Designer Pro 2021 Having trouble extending the shed roof out over one leg of an L-shaped roof shed. The roof stops over the intermediate gable wall, not extending out over the recessed hip wall to the left end of the home. Am I mislabeling my walls? Grateful for any suggestions. LITTLE.plan