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    Roof issues - Out of ideas

    Thanks! I tried following what you said LawB10 but wasn't able to get it. You couldn't save that plan to my 2015 version could you? If not I'll keep messing with it.
  2. interplexr

    Roof issues - Out of ideas

    The snapshot solver had is exactly what I was trying to do. I was turning ceilings on and off and doing other things trying to make it work out. The attached plan with the youtube is pretty close though. I had create a rough floor plan that I got drawn up as 2x4 stick but since then we decided to build with ICF with a full brick veneer. I know I don't have the tools to build my own walls for that so I just took the ICF 11" and 13" thick and stuck a white brick exterior on it knowing there is additional width still to go to play around with the dimensions since the ICF bumps out all my walls if I keep my interior dimensions as fixed as I can. This is why you see multiple materials. I hadn't gone around and cleaned that up yet. The more I worked, the more I started trying to see if different tweaks would make it more to our liking before get a new set of plans. It's tempting to get the full set but for just the one house I'm building it might not be worth it at this point.....
  3. interplexr

    Roof issues - Out of ideas

    Attached is the plan I'm working on, trying to straighten out the roof so the peak of the gull wing goes straight across with the garage coming into it like a dormer. ICF - Russ R6 Lodr.plan
  4. interplexr

    Roof issues - Out of ideas

    I mixed up gambrel and gull wing. Its a gull wing roof with a gable running into it. I'm using Suite 2015.
  5. interplexr

    Roof issues - Out of ideas

    Hello! I'm new here and hoping for a little help. I've been working on my home plan and have gotten so close with the roof but can't quite get it finished. Its basically a gambrel roof but there is an attached garage that runs into it with a gable roof. I can't get the corner over a covered porch to come out right. I want the gambrel to end in a wall at the end of my 12/12 pitch before starting a 4/12 pitch with the gable's 12/12 pitch extending over my porch. I tried to sketch it up along with the original. Any ideas how to make this work? Thanks!