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    I'm a Mac user and recently changed computers, still Mac, just newer. When I loaded Home Designer Pro to my new computer from a download link supplied by cheifarchitect I began to have some problems and also missing some data. Problem- The problem is with the toolbars- every time I start the program I have to reset the toolbars. During startup there are a couple errors saying custom toolbars will not work then when completes startup I have to go through a process of resetting to defaults. Not the biggest problem, but a pain just the same. The data issue is a bigger deal. Data- Since loading to the new computer I no longer have some of the core data. The most noticed is I have only 2 wall types. I can build new ones of course, but on my old computer there were many wall types and I usually was able to find a pre-built one to fit my needs, much easier obviously. I believe I am also missing some core catalog stuff too but that is more difficult to be certain since I am not a daily user. Suggestions?