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  1. Thanks for checking this out for me. I tried to follow your thread but it took me to the top of this page each time I clicked on it. I have been having trouble making a very simple Gable Roof so I will continue working on that and maybe I can add the Shed Roof in places. Otherwise I have my own personal drawings for the roofs to follow once we begin building. I still have 2 years until we build. This program is helping me to take my sketched floor plans into drawings that my builder can work with, and making sure my walls are going to bear the weight of the roof etc. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks Eric - I am using Home Designer Suite 2015
  3. I have need of a custom roof . . . I want a basic Gable Roof over PART of the house and then a Shed Roof over the 4 exterior sides of the house and decks. I have no idea how to make this happen . . . I am attaching an image of my design (my sketch) and also one elevation from the Program.
  4. Alright! I re-named the living area and got my floor back! YAY! And I after I did that, I was able to build my stairwell!! YAY!!! Ha ha ha this program may have a very steep learning curve for me, but if y'all will hang in there with me, I think I can do this!
  5. Gosh I am frustrated. I have cloned my plan and using the 2nd version to master some of my new skills . . . BUT when I build my stairs, the 'stairwell' option does NOT show up when I use the right mouse . . . instead it says 'starter tread' . . . how do I get back?
  6. Here is the revised plan . . . not sure what you mean by 'broken wall' icon . . . and how do I 'reassign' the "room" . . . just one more question: when I was making the space for the stairs to be 6' 11", well, I wan't able to actually be exact in the dimension. Is there a way to be exact? Thank you so much!Drawing1.plan
  7. Thanks so much . . . both of you . . . I followed your instructions, including straightening the bath/closet wall, and now I have a beautiful staircase/stairwell but still no floor on level 1. Sorry but I was not able to follow your lead in drawing a CAD line in the position you specified - maybe that has an impact? And I am not sure how to specify the width/dimensions for the width of the stairwell. I am attaching 2 images Its great having the Stairs/Stairwell work so easily! Now I just need a floor on level 1 . . . is it possible that my walls are not connected somewhere?
  8. Thanks for your help, Mick. I have re-drawn the interior walls and the stairs . . . adjusted the treads for 'best fit' and still having trouble with the stairwell. No hurry . . . I certainly appreciate your help and I understand you have time constraints. Drawing1.plan
  9. Well, I added the walls to the basement and then went to add my stairs and stairwell and it won't work. I am right back where I started. So I played around with building the landing first and it wouldn't work . . . out of desperation I tried building the stairs and the landing and it worked BUT now I cannot build a stairwell. In fact the Flooring of the first floor disappears when I try. So right now I have a staircase . . . but no stairwell. I have attached the 'error' message because I don't know what it is asking for. Then I went and removed the railing from the landing and I had a lov
  10. I have another questions re: stairs . . . I want to add stairs to my deck . . . but the stairs always end up higher than my deck. Any suggestions?
  11. Just a thought . . . when I finished building the landing and went to add the upper stairs I was prompted to either use the break tool or make the width of the landing line up with the stairs. So I zoomed in really close and made them line up but I got the prompt to use the Break line. So I guess that I was not able to line up the edges . . . ??? Any thoughts?
  12. Thanks Mick - is there a suggestion for how I can eliminate the 'ledge'?
  13. Thank you Solver . . . here is my wall! Ha ha ha I am sooooo very relieved to have this work!!
  14. Thank you all so much . . . Kbird1, I found the Break Line and voila - I have a beautiful staircase and a stairwell!! Doing a happy dance!! Thank you everyone - I so appreciate your help!