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  1. A lot of the files in 3D warehouse once i download and then import into my plan loose all of their textures. Any idea what i'm doing wrong? thanks Robin TitusInterior DesignerHome Designer Suite 2018
  2. I am an need of a image for a a hanging coat on a wall hook. For Home Designer Pro 2019. Any forums discussing importing 3d images from other programs? Thank you Robin Home Designer Pro 2019
  3. Hello, I just replaced my computer and installed the program Home Designer Suite 2018. Once I open the program the UI is very large and i cant change it to normal size. can someone help me out? please and thank you
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    Hi Donny, So according Cheif Architect i need this driver specifically: http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/118518/en-us My computer automatically updates which is the biggest problem. As of now the issues are getting worse. I can't even present anything to Clients. sigh.... Also same here, i have used this program since 2008 and upgraded to where i am now. Issues were only due to quality of computer. Once last fall started having issues i bought the best the store had and now have even bigger problems.
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    I have downloaded this driver and still cannot do anything with labels. Same as Donny just stopped being an option. Along with no reflections, rough edges in 3D and freezes up often. And microsoft keeps updating automatically (can't change that) to new driver so i'm having so many issues with program i'm ready to search new one. Chief Architect says they can't do anything else to help:(