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  1. dragons


    thanks i will try
  2. dragons


    i use home designer pro 2017 i do 2d floor plans for real estate agents.when i choose a vehicle to put in a garage i would like to be able to choose a solid color for the car not just the outline of the car how can i do this? also i would like to put 3d plants in my 2d floor plan so it looks realistic.
  3. dragons

    3d plants

    can you import a 3d plant onto a 2d floor plan ? im using home designer 2017 pro
  4. dragons


    is it possible to put 3D trees on a 2D floor plan?im using home designer 2014
  5. dragons


    how to create more fill style in a room. limited to solid, horizontal, vertical, etc for courtyards or rooms need different floor patterns. like herringbone etc. using home designer architect 2014
  6. dragons


    using home designer architect 2014 how can i change the color of the cars to a solid color?