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  1. chameau

    Open backs cabinets

    What I suggest is that you can easily make the cabinets an inch or so deeper and then shove the rear of the open front cabinets into the wall behind using the "Control Key - Drag" method to move them a little into the wall that then covers up the cabinets rear side visually. Good suggestion if it was against a wall - but it's meant to be a room divider (divide the lounge and the dining area in an open-plan design), so no wall behind. That's why I like to remove the backs in some section. Something that looks similar to: "Library/interiors/furniture/media cabinets/units/media unit 4"
  2. chameau

    Open backs cabinets

    Hi, I'm currently using HD Pro10 and i'm trying to build a large room separator entertainment/shelving unit. There are a couple in the library i can sort of use and modify (I can only resize them and change materials) but they are far from what i'm trying to archive. I tried to do it with 'cabinets' but while I can have no doors and no shelves, I can not remove the backs! What i'm trying to do is a piece of furniture app 400cm wide by 200cm tall and 45cm deep with doors on the bottom section, and on the upper some section open on both sides, some sections closed on one side only (some facing one way and some the other way) I think I could do it if I can stack cabinets and be able to remove the backs as well as the doors, but that doesn't seem to be possible! at least not with my version. I'm using an old version (HD Pro10). Is it possible to remove the cabinets backs in the most recent version (HD Pro2020)? if so I may consider upgrading. If not are there better items in the newer library of 2020 that I could use? or any other ways? Thanks