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  1. file:///Users/robertfoyster/Documents/Browns%20House/Plans%20for%20browns%20house%20/glasshouse%20view%20jpeg%20kurrajong.jpg
  2. i am having trouble changing the height of the roof/ ceiling height on one end of the plan as it is an old extension with varying ceiling heights and roof lines. have added an external wall to try and obtain a base for the roof to sit on but to no avail. Also am having trouble getting the footings correct as i have set every room type to be a deck so the bearers and joist will appear but it will only do sections of the plan i.e. 1/3 or 1/4 or be missing the last two rows i have tried everything. have also tried to have all rooms set as room types with no deck but program puts a footing around the building or provides nothing just a blank maybe because the shed slab is cashing defaults because the house is on bearers and joists. Also is there an option to have multiple layout pages ?