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  1. rprovost

    Extend wall exterior layers beyond top of foundation

    Thanks Solver. The Home Designer Sample Gallery (www.homedesignersoftware.com/samples.html#kokanee) has a sample plan, kokanee, with a wall/footing that looks like this: The design makes no practical design/construction sense, because there is no reason to pour concrete that way, HOWEVER, the exterior layers do extend down below the wall. So, there must be some way to do it ---at least with some version of Chief Architect software. The Kokanee plan has a caveat that the plans were created with a professional version... It should be noted as well that the Kokanee plan wall is a pony wall, so katalyst777 may be on to a way to do it. If it comes to the pony wall complexity, I think my time would be better spent just kludging through it with CAD tools in a layout detail of the footing.
  2. rprovost

    Extend wall exterior layers beyond top of foundation

    Thanks Katalyst777. Creating a pony wall seems complex for what I need. See the attached jpg. I want to extend the exterior wall layers down a bit.
  3. My exterior wall layers (wrap and siding) extend out beyond the foundation exterior vertical surface but they stop at the top of the foundation. How do I get them to extend down below the top of the foundation by, for example, an inch to cover the wall/foundation junction?